What Makes a Fuzzy Babba®?

One Style Started it All

Named for its fuzzy outer and furry sherpa inner, the original Fuzzy Babba® slipper sock was created as a fun, affordable alternative to stiff and boring hard-soled slippers. The result was cloud-like and pillow soft with unmatched huggable comfort, a sweet dream come true!

(Imagery - Fuzzy = fuzzy-feeling, terry cloth outer; Babba = furry, sherpa inner)

It’s fitting we’d name our brand after our original product – simply saying the name “Fuzzy Babba” makes people feel just as happy as wearing our products does!

What makes it Fuzzy Babba?

Every Fuzzy Babba product is made with your time, safety and comfort in mind.

(Fluff marks imagery - Machine Washable, Non-Slip Gripper Bottoms, Comfort Fit)

Easy to Care For

Accidents happen! That's why all of our products are designed to be durable and made machine washable, so you and your loved ones can get back to wearing them as soon as possible.

With Safety First

All Fuzzy Babba slipper socks are made with non-slip gripper bottoms, so you can protect yourself — and your floors!

The "Ahhhh" Factor

Whether it's foot-cradling elastic around the ankle, or a marshmallow-light foam bottom that soothes every step, the "ahhhh" factor always comes through.